Short description

Gephi is an interactive visualization and exploration platform for all kinds of networks and complex systems, dynamic and hierarchical graphs.

The webpage:

The best with the app/supporting initiative

> Allows users to visualize complex systems and very flexible and intuitive way

The weak parts of the app/supporting initiative

> A little hard to use for an untrained user.

What could accelerate this app/supporting initiative into a world changer?

> More example related to transformative change and step-by-step guides for how this can be done.

> The introduction is a piece of art in itself and should be viewed by anyone interested in visualization. Video The next version will hopefully explanations of what the examples include and how the visualizations can be interpreted.


How direct is the delivery of the result the app tries to achieve
  • Direct
  • Indirect
  • Inspirational
  • Long shot


To visualize complex systems and relations are key to understand and support transformative change.

Transformative approach

How transformative is it
  • A new world
  • A major shift
  • A bit of a shake-up
  • A gentle rocking


The way it is possible not just to visualize large amounts of data, but that everyone with access to a normal laptop can you it is a major shift. The rapid growth in competitions and individual initiatives is an indicator of a new way of present data.

How much does it encourage collaborations

How much are new networks supported
  • Strong support for global networks?
  • Currently encourages new forms of collaboration
  • Provides interesting opportunities in the future
  • Restricted to a small (expert) group


The way people can help each other and develop visualizations further is a new kind of collaboration that open up data to totally new groups in society.

What synergies can be delivered

How well does it also solve other problems/generate solutions
  • It solves everything
  • Several important challenges
  • Some important challenges
  • Only one challenge


The fact that it is possible to mash data and look for relations is so many different ways help to build bridges between areas that are usually discussed separately.

Nine billion contribution

How global is it? Is it helping/will it help everyone on the planet
  • Instant global equality
  • Almost global
  • Getting (incrementally) global
  • Not applicable


The global perspective was often left out because of lack of data and inability to process large amounts of data. Now this is changing and with a global map a natural part of most data visualization exercises at some stage visualization can be an important contribution, but habits is probably the biggest barrier.

Building on current trends

How well does it use current trends
  • The app is setting new trends by itself
  • Building on multiple trends
  • Effectively building on one trend
  • Not really building on any major trend


Doing something with Increasing amounts of data and processing power is very much in line with what is happening.


How fast can it deliver
  • It's already happening
  • In the coming weeks
  • In a year or so
  • In a distant future (hopefully)


The tools are now available, now they must be even easier to use, and a culture to use a transformative filter that help society move in a more sustainable direction used.


Does it support transformative transparency
  • Brave new transparency
  • Transparency that is innovative (never seen before)
  • Increased transparency, but nothing innovative
  • No increase in transparency


The ability to visualize is a key part to a society with transformative transparency.

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