Investigative Dashboard (ID)

Short description

The Investigative Dashboard (ID) is a very interesting initiative that is helping to provide essential data that groups with small resources seldom can find.

ID is a work in progress, that is designed to showcase the potential for collaboration and data-sharing between investigative reporters across the world.

The initiative is spearheaded by the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project, the Romanian Center for Investigative Journalism, the Forum for African Investigative Reporters and the International Center for Journalists, and will expand to include other institutional members of the Global Investigative Journalism Network.

Link for more information:

The best with the app/supporting initiative

+ It brings together data that is available in different parts of the world so that it is possible to compare data.
+ It supports a network of investigative researchers.

The weak parts of the app/supporting initiative

- It is doing a lot of things and it is hard to know what it is good at.

What could accelerate this app/supporting initiative into a world changer?

> ID is a platform and it could be developed in many different direction, the challenge is probably to ensure a degree of focus so that the tool is of high enough quality and collect enough data to be relevant for those who want to use it.


How direct is the delivery of the result the app tries to achieve
  • Direct
  • Indirect
  • Inspirational
  • Long shot


It helps other groups to access relevant data (and can help in research as well)

Transformative approach

How transformative is it
  • A new world
  • A major shift
  • A bit of a shake-up
  • A gentle rocking


Linking local data to a global audience and allow for comparison between different countries is very interesting.

How much does it encourage collaborations

How much are new networks supported
  • Strong support for global networks?
  • Currently encourages new forms of collaboration
  • Provides interesting opportunities in the future
  • Restricted to a small (expert) group


The more people contribute to the database the more valuable it becomes.

What synergies can be delivered

How well does it also solve other problems/generate solutions
  • It solves everything
  • Several important challenges
  • Some important challenges
  • Only one challenge


All major challenges benefit from this kind of collaborative approach.

Nine billion contribution

How global is it? Is it helping/will it help everyone on the planet
  • Instant global equality
  • Almost global
  • Getting (incrementally) global
  • Not applicable


No specific filter exists and one challenge is that poor countries are often left out in studies due to lack of data.

Building on current trends

How well does it use current trends
  • The app is setting new trends by itself
  • Building on multiple trends
  • Effectively building on one trend
  • Not really building on any major trend


The ability to connect data with significant processes and events.


How fast can it deliver
  • It's already happening
  • In the coming weeks
  • In a year or so
  • In a distant future (hopefully)


As soon as something happens ID is ready.


Does it support transformative transparency
  • Brave new transparency
  • Transparency that is innovative (never seen before)
  • Increased transparency, but nothing innovative
  • No increase in transparency


Connecting global networks in ways that allow for data to become available almost in real-time will become

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