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At COP17 in Durban a multi-stakeholder coalition in cooperation with the UNFCCC secretariat launched the award “Transformative Step of the Day” as a way to increase focus on transformative low-carbon solutions during the negotiations. The initiative builds on the “Guadalajara ICT Declaration for Transformative ICT Solutions”, which was launched during COP16 under the leadership of the Global e-Sustainability Initiative (GeSI) and the Government of Mexico.

The award will be announced at a series of daily events during the second week of the global climate negotiations. It will identify and encourage initiatives during the negotiations that support accelerated uptake of transformative low-carbon solutions around the world. Delegations who have taken initiatives to support an accelerated uptake of transformative low-carbon solutions through proposals in the negotiations or other ways will be recognized for their efforts.

The award will be neutral in the sense that “winners” will be selected based on the input and “votes” by a wide variety of stakeholders including governments, business and civil society. The award will be facilitated through a mobile application and a web-portal, which will be used to keep track of different initiatives in support of transformative low-carbon solutions. Delegations will have the opportunity to provide information about their initiatives through the mobile application and web-portal. Based on this input, participants at the conference and stakeholders from around the world will be able to vote on the initiatives they think deserve to be the Transformative Step of the Day.

Transformative Step of the Day will help improve transparency and increase interest in the negotiations by allowing stakeholders from around the world to follow, rate, and comment on different initiatives in real-time. Clusters of companies and solution providers working to implement transformative low-carbon solutions will be able to comment on initiatives and express their views to policy-makers.

An event will be organized every day at 14:00 during the second week of the negotiations to present the results of the “Transformative Step of the Day”.

Transformative Step of the Day will run until Rio+20 and possibly longer depending on its success. It will not reward a step every day, but rather focus on key events. The possibility of a Transformative Step of the Month will also be explored.

Read more about the initiative here.

The best with the app/supporting initiative

The weak parts of the app/supporting initiative

What could accelerate this app/supporting initiative into a world changer?


How direct is the delivery of the result the app tries to achieve
  • Direct
  • Indirect
  • Inspirational
  • Long shot


Transformative approach

How transformative is it
  • A new world
  • A major shift
  • A bit of a shake-up
  • A gentle rocking


How much does it encourage collaborations

How much are new networks supported
  • Strong support for global networks?
  • Currently encourages new forms of collaboration
  • Provides interesting opportunities in the future
  • Restricted to a small (expert) group


What synergies can be delivered

How well does it also solve other problems/generate solutions
  • It solves everything
  • Several important challenges
  • Some important challenges
  • Only one challenge


Nine billion contribution

How global is it? Is it helping/will it help everyone on the planet
  • Instant global equality
  • Almost global
  • Getting (incrementally) global
  • Not applicable


Building on current trends

How well does it use current trends
  • The app is setting new trends by itself
  • Building on multiple trends
  • Effectively building on one trend
  • Not really building on any major trend



How fast can it deliver
  • It's already happening
  • In the coming weeks
  • In a year or so
  • In a distant future (hopefully)



Does it support transformative transparency
  • Brave new transparency
  • Transparency that is innovative (never seen before)
  • Increased transparency, but nothing innovative
  • No increase in transparency


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