Apps for the Environment contest by the US EPA

Another competition, that in the same way as the World Bank apps for good, want app developers to use their data. This time it is the US EPA and they write the following about the contest: “aimed at encouraging private sector software developers, students, and others to create innovative applications (“apps”) that use EPA data to promote protection of human health and the environment. ”

If I understand it correct the only prize is the honor to present the app to “EPA officials and possibly the EPA Administrator, Lisa Jackson. In addition, EPA will feature the apps of the Winners and Runners Up on the EPA website for a period of one year.”

It is great with competitions, but could they not at least have some economic compensation for the development of the apps, and when possible market the app a little more active then just have it on the EPA website for a year?

When big institutions want developers to make sense of their own data they should pay for that. If not it is the worst kind of crowd sourcing. App developers are key players for tomorrows work with sustainable development and they should be treated with respect.

Here is the link to the dedicated page:

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