Apps4Africa: Climate Challenge

A very interesting initiative to support apps that are important.

Looking at the web page for the project and the list of areas covered it looks like smart transformative solutions that also support a low-carbon development will be accepted. The widespread use of mobile phones in many places in Africa makes it a perfect innovation hotspot for transformative low-carbon mobile applications.

I’m not sure why the U.S. Department of State write in the press statement that it is only about “African public awareness of climate change adaptation and U.S. involvement in Africa on these issues; support the development of civil society and private-sector networks; and highlight African solutions to local climate change adaptation challenges” . But I’m sure this was a mistake and that they also want to support smart low-carbon development (especially as many mobile applications brings both adaptation and mitigation benefits).

The link to the challenge:

The press release from U.S. Department of State can be found here.

> Agriculture (Distribution)
> Early Warning and/or Disaster Preparedness
> Resource Management
> Forestry/Deforestation
> Transportation/Traffic/Emissions
> Food Security
> Livestock
> Health and Sanitation

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