Cleanweb Hackathon needs a transformative filter for next year

Great idea with Cleanweb Hackathon in New York. It is now over and the winners are nice but not transformative. It is all about incremental improvements. The winner, econofy, allow you to see the energy consumption of different products. Link to beta here:

The others I have not been able to find in any working versions.
There is an screen shot of Green Carrot(only on flickr)

All the winners can be found here:

It would be really great if next year could have a category with transformative impact. How to help people use virtual meeting instead of flying, encourage e-reading instead of dead-forest-reading, helping people to rebuild their houses/apartments so they become net producers of renewable energy, etc… We need these much more than we need those that help current bad solutions become slightly less bad… A 9 billion filter can be used to test them (what happen if 9 billion people would use the solution).

We need to move the “green/sustainable” hackatons from “nice” to “disruptive”…

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