Call for Concept Papers for 2nd Green ICT Application Challenge before 13 April

It is not much information about the challenge, but if understand it correctly you should submit the information below before the 13 April 2012 at 12:00 PM CET

More info here:
Here is the page where you can submit:

All submissions must be submitted in English in an electronic format at the address mentioned in 4 above and include:
1. a detailed Concept Paper (maximum of 6,000 words) describing a new and innovative ICT application that would help combat climate change and reduce global energy intensity. The proposed application may be any kind of software tool, platform or game, be it for the web, a personal computer, tablet or a mobile device;
2. screenshots and diagrams illustrating the application’s proposed features and functions;
3. an implementation plan for the development of the application;
4. an explanation of how the idea would help combat climate change and provide an ICT solution to environmental or sustainability issues.

The evaluation criteria will be the following:
1. Object achievements – Does the proposed application as developed in the idea submitted contribute to the development of innovative new technologies to combat climate change?
2. Impact – How greatly does the proposed application benefit the environment?
3. Innovation – How inspired and original is the proposed application?
4. Implementation plan – How good is the plan to implement the proposed application? Is the application feasible?
5. Business Model – Would the proposed application be a viable, marketable option for companies? Is the proposed application widely adaptable throughout industries? Usability – Is it user-friendly and does it demonstrate the potential for development?
6. Preferences will be given to proposed applications that may assist developing countries address their environmental issues.

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