Green ICT Hackathon in Barcelona, Spain, 28-29 February 2012 during the GSMA Mobile World Congress

Not sure if you need to be physically there to join (sounds stupid if you have to fly to Barcelona to develop smart ICT apps, but you never know… ;)) On top of that is not a lot of hackers or thought leaders attending GSMA Mobile World Congress, but click on the link to learn more.

Below is information and you can also check the ITU page:

Telefónica and ITU, will host a Hackathon in Barcelona, Spain, on 28-29 February 2012 during the GSMA Mobile World Congress.
The Hackathon is a marathon where developers create applications within a defined timeframe.
Developers coming from all over the world will gather and compete to propose and develop a “Sustainable Energy for All” ICT application.
The development of green ICT applications will help to promote technology transfer worldwide.
The best two green ICT applications will be awarded cash prizes on site on 29 February 2012:
1st winner: $3000
2nd winner: $2000

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