Now it is New York turn to host a green hackaton “Reinvent Green”

Not sure if there are just vague or if they have not made up their mind what they should do. No specific date is given and the information on the webpage is not providing very much guidance. This is what is says:

“Want to change the world? Apply to be a part of the City of New York’s first Greener, Greater Hackathon. The weekend event challenges data scientists, developers and designers to use environmental data to create tools and apps that empower New Yorkers to live greener, greater lives. Join us Summer 2012.”

I hope they will look into opportunities for transformative solutions that deliver concrete results. So many of these “green hackatons” focus only on new ways of presenting old data, or tools for incremental improvements in existing systems. If I find the time I hope to do an assessment of the hackatons, what they focus on and what they deliver + what those who have hosted them have learned.

The fact that they write “Want to change the world?” gives me hope, so let’s keep our fingers crossed for a structure that can deliver significant results.

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